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Healthcare Chaplaincy Articles

  • Living the Miracle

    Chaplain Durell Tuberville is "Living the Miracle" by working full time, long after doctors predicted cancer would kill him.

  • Trailblazing Continues

    The first AG female military chaplain has become the first woman in a leadership role at AG Chaplaincy Ministries

  • Still Fighting Racism

    In her younger days, Assemblies of God chaplain, pastor, and church planter Wanda R. Carter presumed that racists would die off when the older generation passed from the scene.

    “I’ve come to see funerals won’t do it,” says the now-retired Carter, 73. “Others rise up and take their place.”

  • The Chaplain Superintendent

    M. Ray Brewer is the first district leader to become an endorsed AG U.S. Missions chaplain. You might be surprised at why he did it.

  • How one pastor came to be a chaplain: the Paul Sesock story

    When terrorists attacked on September 11, 2011, the Sesocks were pastoring a church...

  • A Season to Receive

    Wes Bynum's family's hospice journey.

  • Family Finds Salvation in Hospital Room

    While making his regular rounds at the hospital, Chaplain Marrandino encountered an 80-year-old patient under duress connected to various life-support systems. The man's wife explained to the chaplain that her husband feared dying.

  • He Knows Your Name

    Chaplain Sheri Ray never expected to be ministering in Africa...

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


    A child born prematurely during the Eisenhower era at just 2.5 pounds had precious little chance of surviving. Mike Cook came into the world in 1957 severely underweight and with a host of medical complications. Doctors told his parents not to expect him to live for more than a few days.


  • People of Windber rally to help Chaplain's cancer stricken daughter-in-law

    People of Windber rally to help Chaplain's cancer stricken daughter-in-law.

  • AG chaplain honored with community award

    Assemblies of God Chaplain Julia “Judy” Clark recently received the Phoenix Award presented by the P.E.A.C.E. (Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts) Initiative in San Antonio, Texas. The P.E.A.C.E. Initiative represents four dozen agencies.

  • Assemblies of God minister new head chaplain for Mayo Clinic

    In the fall of 2007, O’Bryan, an Assemblies of God-endorsed chaplain had been making his rounds among Mayo Clinic’s affiliated medical campuses in Rochester, Minn. There were patients to visit at the massive downtown complex, with others at nearby Rochester Methodist and Saint Marys hospitals.

  • “A Child, A Photo, A Prompting”
    A while back, I met a 7 year-old child in our Children's Unit. I serve God and individuals as a chaplain at a state mental health hospital. I meet individuals of all ages here, which includes teenagers and adults and geriatrics. There was nothing uncommon about my contact with this girl. I routinely have opportunity to interact with her and other children during our regular Sunday Children’s Chapel Service. We sing children’s worship songs, pray, read and discuss Bible stories together.
  • Listening, Being: A Hospital Chaplain's Ministry
    The faint beeping of little, day-old Jane's* heart monitor was the only outward indication that she was fighting to live. Born two months premature, Jane suffered from multiple complications that developed in the womb, and was now sustained only by life-support.
  • Chaplaincy helping to make sure needy children get their veggies
    The U.S. Missions Chaplaincy Department has begun a new outreach for children. Now, when chaplains interact with children in desperate need, they will give them a Veggie Tales backpack filled with a variety of Veggie Tales items and other helpful materials.
  • An Experience with Alzheimer’s
    Having sat down, I unwrapped my breakfast and was reaching into my briefcase when I received a stinging blow to the back of my head. Before I could look up to get a view of my offender, a loud voice in a commanding tone said, "Mother, stop that right now! Why did you do that?"
  • A Knotted Ball of Yarn
    It was a typical day. There was entirely too much to do. I had two more spiritual assessments to do and a class on ethical consideration to teach. On top of that, I had an entire docket of visitations to finish. As I said, a typical day. As I stepped out of the elevator and started down the hall, a little voice touched my ear.

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