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Healthcare Book Chaplaincy List

The following is a list of literature recommendations that some of the chaplains have found effective in their ministry to the sick and dying. If you have any other resources that you would like to add, please email the Chaplaincy Department. Please note that this list has merely been created for your convenience and for ministry ideas. Although our office would like to be able to supply these resources, we are unable to do so at this time.

  • "The Compassionate Visitor: Resources for Ministering to People who are Ill" by Arthur H. Becker
  • "Spiritual Care giving in the Hospital - Windows to chaplaincy ministry" by Leah Dawn Bueckert and Daniel S. Schipani
  • "Assessing Spiritual Needs: A Guide for Caregivers" by George Fitchett
  • "Caring for Patients from Different Cultures" by Geri-Ann Galanti
  • "Pocket Dictionary of Ethics" by Stanley J. Grenz and Jay T. Smith
  • "Hospital Ministry: The Role of the Chaplain Today" by Martin E. Marty and Lawrence E. Holst
  • "Pastoral Care in Hospitals" by Neville A. Kirkwood
  • "The Healing Power of Faith: How Belief and Prayer Can Help You Triumph Over Disease" by Harold G. Koenig, M.D. and Malcolm McConnell
  • "Spirituality in Patient Care: Why, How, When and What" by Harold G. Koenig, M.D.
  • "The Faith Factor: Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer" by Dale A. Matthews, M.D. and Connie Clark
  • "Bedside Manners: A Practical Guide to Visiting the Ill" by Katie Maxwell
  • "The Work of the Chaplain" by Naomi K. Paget and Janet R. McCormack
  • "The Hospital Handbook: A Practical Guide to Hospital Visitation" by Lawrence D. Reimer and James T. Wagner
  • "Pastoral Care Emergencies" by David K. Switzer
  • "Counseling Troubled Older Adults" by Harold G. Koenig and Andrew J. Weaver
  • "Aging and God:  Spiritual Pathways to Mental Health in Midlife and Later Years" by Harold Koenig
  • "The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care" by Virginia Bell and David Troxel
  • "Exploying Your Anger:  Friend or Foe?" by Rod Wilson and Glenn Taylor
  • "The Validation Breakthrough:  Simple Techniques for Communicating with People with Alzheimer's-Type Dementia" by Naomi Feil and Vicki De Klerk-Rubin
  • "Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling" by Mark R. McMinn
  • "The Church and Pastoral Care" by Leroy Aden and Harold J. Ellens 

Mental Health list:

  • "Before You Say "I Do" by Norman Wright
  • "Caring Enough to Confront" by David Augsburger
  • "Christian Vision" by John Powell
  • "Disciplined by Grace" by J. F. Strombeck
  • "Every Man's Battle" by Arterburn and Stoeker
  • "Every Women's Desire" by Arterburn and Stoeker
  • "Freedom From the Performance Trap" by David Seamands
  • "Grace Awakening" by Chuck Swindol
  • "Healing for Damaged Emotions by David Seamands
  • "Healing Memories" by David Seamands
  • "His Needs Her Needs" by Willard Harley
  • "Hustling God" by Craig Barnes
  • "Love and Respect" by Emerson Eggerich
  • "Love is a Choice" by Meier Minerith
  • "Parenting Isn't For Cowards" by James Dobson
  • "Romancing the Home" by Ed Young
  • "Sacred Marriage: What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy" by Gary Thomas
  • "Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls" by Gary Thomas
  • "Sacred Thirst" by Craig Barnes
  • "The Blessing" by Trent and Smalley
  • "The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman
  • "The Hidden Value of a Man" by James Dobson
  • "The New Strong Willed Child" by James Dobson
  • "Torn Assunder: Recovering From Extramartial Affairs" by David Carder
  • "What's So Amazing About Grace" by Philip Yancey
  • "When God Interupts" by Craig Barnes
  • "Why am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?" by John Powell
  • "Yearnings" by Craig Barnes

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