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  • Warrior for Christ

    Jerry Peters, doesn't let disability interfere with his God-given mission to help others.

  • Living the Miracle

    Chaplain Durell Tuberville is "Living the Miracle" by working full time, long after doctors predicted cancer would kill him.

  • Trailblazing Continues

    The first AG female military chaplain has become the first woman in a leadership role at AG Chaplaincy Ministries

  • Still Fighting Racism

    In her younger days, Assemblies of God chaplain, pastor, and church planter Wanda R. Carter presumed that racists would die off when the older generation passed from the scene.

    “I’ve come to see funerals won’t do it,” says the now-retired Carter, 73. “Others rise up and take their place.”

  • Helping Chaplains Reach the Field

    Since 1983 over $1,000,000 has been given to help AGTS students prepare for full-time chaplaincy.

  • Wright Now: The Army's Newest Chaplain Makes His Move for God and Country

    A powerful encounter with God at age 17 first pointed Wright toward a career in ministry, but the chaplaincy wasn't something he considered until more than a dozen years after boot camp.

  • Chaplain to the Chaplains

    Russ Cockrum becomes the first representative to AG missionaries raising their own support.

  • The Chaplain Superintendent

    M. Ray Brewer is the first district leader to become an endorsed AG U.S. Missions chaplain. You might be surprised at why he did it.

  • A Pioneer in Ministering to Inmate Families: Mannie Craig

    At the age of 30, Craig was the youngest of 11 candidates and the only one not belonging to a mainline Protestant denomination to be interviewed for a federal prison chaplain post.

  • Innovative Chaplain Finds New Calling Upon Retirement

    For the plan to become a reality, the Senate would need to write legislation, Congress would have to fund it, and the State Department would have to receive it.

  • AG Chaplain Honored by White House as a "Champion of Change"

    Of the 14 selected, Chaplain Priscilla Mondt was the only current VA employee to receive this honor.

  • How one pastor came to be a chaplain: the Paul Sesock story

    When terrorists attacked on September 11, 2011, the Sesocks were pastoring a church...

  • 2013 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens Billy Bajema

    as he talks about Missionary Sports Chaplains John and Sharon Williamson

  • The First Testament?

    “Chaplain Fred, I need to talk to you” she said as she called me over.  She was sitting at a picnic table, drinking a Coke on a patio, just steps away from the walk-up bar at the hardcore motorcycle club compound, that I was visiting.


  • Chaplains respond to superstorm Sandy

    In the aftermath of the most massive Atlantic hurricane in history, Assemblies of God endorsed chaplains are ministering in a variety of ways to both storm victims and relief workers.

  • Six Marines Praying with their chaplain

    at an outpost overlooking an active battlefield in Afghanistan

  • AG Chaplain Receives Civilian Service Award

    Miami Township Police Department honors AG chaplain.

  • A Season to Receive

    Wes Bynum's family's hospice journey.

  • Testimony from Virginia Tech

    Five Years Later

  • Mentored Ministry

    Lying on a hospital bed, his mother standing nearby, he's still trying to figure out how a shotgun got mixed into a teenage brawl.         

  • Family Finds Salvation in Hospital Room

    While making his regular rounds at the hospital, Chaplain Marrandino encountered an 80-year-old patient under duress connected to various life-support systems. The man's wife explained to the chaplain that her husband feared dying.

  • Emergency Services Chaplain Training Course

    Co-sponsored by the Assemblies of God National Chaplaincy Office and AGTS.

  • He Knows Your Name

    Chaplain Sheri Ray never expected to be ministering in Africa...

  • HonorBound MM General Council Ride

    Information on the motorcycle ride from Bronx, New York, to Phoenix, Arizona, for the 2011 General Council. 

  • Chaplain's Health Turnaround Mirrors Inmates' Spiritual Rebound

    The recovery of an Assemblies of God chaplain from near death has led to an ongoing revival at a North Carolina medium-security penal institution with 480 inmates.

  • Voice Mail Problems

    You were not intentionally ignored!

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


    A child born prematurely during the Eisenhower era at just 2.5 pounds had precious little chance of surviving. Mike Cook came into the world in 1957 severely underweight and with a host of medical complications. Doctors told his parents not to expect him to live for more than a few days.


  • Reaching bikers for Christ

    Biker Chaplain Scott Bush

  • 2010 Chaplaincy Conference

    Information about this year's Chaplain's Conference in Denver, CO.

  • Chaplain Hardin on PTSD Recovery

    Chaplain Hardin's personal story of injury, PTSD, and road to healing.

  • Soldiers hear God's Word via BibleSticks

    Soldiers hear God's Word via BibleSticks.

  • Chaplain Ransberger receives prestigious TDCJ Award

    He was the first chaplain in the history of the state to win this award.

  • Christ's victory remembered - even at sea

    Easter aboard the USS Gunston Hall

  • Calvary Commission receives Texas Governor's Award

    Calvary Commission was founded by AG correctional chaplain Joe Fauss.

  • AG Chaplain named Chaplain of the Year

    AG Chaplain named Chaplain of the Year

  • People of Windber rally to help Chaplain's cancer stricken daughter-in-law

    People of Windber rally to help Chaplain's cancer stricken daughter-in-law.

  • Chaplain combats African AIDS crisis

    AIDS kills many times more Africans than war

  • Homes for Haiti

    Christ In Action's plan to build homes in Haiti

  • Shapes Mentoring Program Receives Grant for Mentor Resource Library

    The Shapes Mentoring Program, which provides mentors to children with incarcerated parents, received a check from the Nixa Community Foundation...

  • Shapes Mentoring Program announces new program director

    The Shapes Mentoring Program, a part of the Assemblies of God Chaplaincy Department, has named Jeff Dorn as the new program director. Dorn, who has a Masters of Divinity degree, has served the program for the last year and a half as its mentor support coordinator and for three years as a volunteer mentor.

  • A miraculous journey of faith

    Waterlily Tung is a petite, soft-spoken woman whose broad smile and expressive voice hide a childhood of pain. She grew up in Cu Xa and Cam Ranh Bay, site of a U.S. Army-Air Force base during the Vietnam War. After communists took over South Vietnam in 1975, her father, who had been working in a pharmacy, was reassigned to cultivate a collective plot of land.

  • Prayer is God’s lifeline

    On July 20, 2006, I was on my way home for leave from Afghanistan. I couldn’t wait to hug my beautiful wife, Heidi, my 3-year-old daughter, Abby, and meet my new baby girl, Kaitlynn Joy, who had been born just two months earlier.

  • Conversation: Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser

    Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser commands the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Ky. He visited recently with Editor Ken Horn.

  • Invisible prison

    Ann Edenfield Sweet never expected to be the wife of a prison inmate. The former cheerleading captain and college homecoming queen married a commercial airline captain who seemed to share her Christian faith. They and their four children lived in a spacious home in suburban Albuquerque, N.M., and actively participated in a local church.

  • Sniper turned chaplain

    Beginning in early childhood, Jarrod Johnson had a desire to join the Marines. In early adolescence he sensed a calling to ministry. As an adult, Johnson has fulfilled both passions, with an unexpected turn or two in the road along the way.

  • Tithing inmates respond to water well need

    Assemblies of God Prison Chaplain Judge Lindsey had motivated Christian inmates at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, Calif., to give to worthy causes before. Lindsey implemented a tithing program at the institution more than five years ago.

  • Volunteers sought for children's outreach
    One of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country is being targeted for children's evangelism.
  • Woman answers chaplaincy call
    Having suffered domestic violence along with the agony and grief of her sister’s murder, Chaplain Bridget Sheehan conquered her painful past by volunteering in 1991 with Discipleship Unlimited, a national prison ministry.
  • Chaplain aids aftercare
    Chaplain Pamela Moore uses her maternal influence and pastoral spirit graciously at Allen Correctional Men’s Facility in Lima, Ohio. Her prison ministry began in 2000 when she became a chaplain at Ohio Reformatory for Women. Since 2004, Moore, who turns 60 next month, has had the responsibility to minister to 1,300 men at the Allen facility, managing around 30 volunteer groups monthly.
  • AG chaplain nominated as brigadier general
    President Bush in January nominated Assemblies of God Chaplain Col. David H. Cyr to be promoted to brigadier general. Since 2006 Cyr has served as the director of the Air Force Chaplain Service Institute at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Evangelist speaks into the lives of soldiers and students
    This past week, Assemblies of God evangelist Dave Roever visited Elizabethtown and Fort Knox in Kentucky, with hundreds, if not more than a thousand lives coming to Christ. On Sunday, March 18, Roever spoke in a morning and evening service to nearly 1,500 soldiers going through training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Joining Roever were two U.S. soldiers who had been wounded in Iraq who shared their personal stories. At the close of the services, Roever asked for a show of hands of those who would like to accept Christ as their personal Savior.
  • Repeated deployments mean more strain on military women
    When Amy Bleidorn's grandfathers served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, most Americans viewed active-duty women in the military as an extreme measure for an extreme time. Postwar society expected women to return home to focus on roles as wives and mothers.
  • Navy Honors AG Chaplain for Excellence in Ministry
    This February, Captain James Hightower, an Assemblies of God endorsed United States Navy chaplain, was presented with the U.S. Navy's John H. Craven Award for ministry excellence. The award citation was presented by Rear Admiral Louis V. Iasiello, chief of Navy chaplains, on the 61st anniversary of the ceremonial flag raising following the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945.
  • Chaplains Claim World Championship, Reach Cowboys for Christ
    Cutting cows from a herd is tricky. If a cowboy isn't quiet enough or if his horse startles one of the cows the entire herd might bolt. To successfully cut a cow from its herd a cowboy must have lightning quick reflexes, a steady hand and most importantly a good horse.
  • Inmates donate tithes for hurricane relief
    Of all the Americans who opened their wallets to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, perhaps the most unlikeliest fund source originated in a densely populated California community: Correctional Training Facility five miles north of Soledad.
  • Retired Navy Chaplain reflects on military and spiritual battles
    Though not a man given to showing emotions, 21-year-old Stanford E. Linzey Jr.’s fears rose to the surface during a battle in 1942 that would be the turning point of World War II.
  • Reaching Modern Warrior
    The sky was blue and the air still—a perfect day for a jump. Sean Moore stood in front of the open doors on a C-130 aircraft thinking of his wife and three kids watching from bleachers in the drop zone.
  • “A Child, A Photo, A Prompting”
    A while back, I met a 7 year-old child in our Children's Unit. I serve God and individuals as a chaplain at a state mental health hospital. I meet individuals of all ages here, which includes teenagers and adults and geriatrics. There was nothing uncommon about my contact with this girl. I routinely have opportunity to interact with her and other children during our regular Sunday Children’s Chapel Service. We sing children’s worship songs, pray, read and discuss Bible stories together.
  • Chaplain has managed to beat odds all his life
    Chaplain Jim Hightower stationed in Kuwait, more than 10 years after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
  • Setting Prisoners Free, One Lesson at a Time
    Men toting the Word of God file in for the 7 o’clock Thursday night Bible study. They are white, black, and Hispanic. College-aged and old enough for retirement. Shaggy-haired and shaved bald. The men
  • Biker Builds Bridges in Prisons
    Many years ago a young pilot and his wife obeyed God's call to minister along the Arctic coast. Rick and Carol Rigenhagen became missionaries and began to dip their plane into and out of hunting and fishing camps in Alaska. Bringing out their Bibles, bass guitar
  • The Bird in the Window
    The young man lay emaciated in the hospital bed, physically weak, body reeling from an extremely aggressive form of adolescent cancer. Doctors had given him little hope. The malignancy was the type that attacked the extremities of the body. The only thing short of a miracle that he could count on, according to the physicians
  • Yesterday’s Blood
    It was a good quiet day in Iraq. We just finished up our weekend chapel services and a new week was beginning. The medical unit on our camp was putting the final touches on their field hospital. The other units on post went about their daily business. The radio was silent except for the hourly
  • Lessons Learned in the Desert
    As I write this I am doing well, having begun to recover from a long night two nights ago. Four battalions of infantry/combat soldiers from the First Cavalry Division (of which I am a part) converged onto a small area of Baghdad for the largest search and seizure operation
  • A/G chaplain earns high rank
    Brigadier General Cecil Richardson recently became the first Pentecostal to be promoted to a general officer as a chaplain when he became Deputy Chief of Chaplains of the United States Air Force in March. Richardson, now a one star general, is involved in day-to-day operations of the Air Force
  • Listening, Being: A Hospital Chaplain's Ministry
    The faint beeping of little, day-old Jane's* heart monitor was the only outward indication that she was fighting to live. Born two months premature, Jane suffered from multiple complications that developed in the womb, and was now sustained only by life-support.
  • Chaplaincy helping to make sure needy children get their veggies
    The U.S. Missions Chaplaincy Department has begun a new outreach for children. Now, when chaplains interact with children in desperate need, they will give them a Veggie Tales backpack filled with a variety of Veggie Tales items and other helpful materials.
  • Police Chaplain In Right Place At The Right Time
    Recently on a day shift, Drew and a policeman waited for an ambulance to take a rape victim to a local hospital. But then they heard a gunshot in the next block. Responding immediately, they sped away in the car and saw a 19-year-old man stumbling out a home’s front door and tumbling down the steps. Drew, who has been an Assemblies of God chaplain for 34 years, saw the man holding his hand over his stomach, with blood gushing out between his fingers.
  • God Opens Doors Through a Resisted Arrest
    While on the graveyard shift as a sheriff’s deputy in Federal Way, Wash., Chris Bassett encountered an erratically driven van and motioned the driver to pull over. Seeing beer in the front seat and a driver who couldn’t produce any identification, let alone a consistent name, led Bassett to ask him to step out of the car.
  • Marvin chairs national group
    December 27, 2002 Charles Marvin, military representative and endorsing agent for the Assemblies God, has been named chairman of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces. NCMAF is a private organization that pools representatives of all major faith communities in the United States to serve as liaisons between the U.S. Armed Forces and more than
  • Assemblies of God Army Chaplain Recruiter recruits fellow pastor for Army Chaplaincy
    Chaplain Stockeland is responsible for recruiting Army chaplains and chaplain candidates out of the 15 western states, including Japan, South Korea and American Samoa. Rev. Kim stated that "Chaplain Stockeland really encouraged me and supported me in my pursuit to be an Army chaplain. I am looking forward to serving God and Country in my new assignment
  • Books, Videos And Food Pave Way To Orphans' Hearts
    Twenty-three curious children huddle around, periodically peering into the mysterious box as Crane and three fellow soldiers converse with orphanage directors.
  • Saved by Grace
    His life before Christ was filled with drugs, alcohol, crime and deceit. He shares that testimony so that others who are lost can see a pathway to forgiveness, love and hope.
  • Restored
    I watched smoke billow from Kuwait's burning oil wells. America had declared war on Saddam Hussein and his troops. As a young soldier assigned to Operation Desert Storm, I was frightened that I could die at any moment. I was unprepared to meet God, and like the billowing darkness that robbed the light from day, drugs and alcohol had invaded my life to the point of near destruction. I was held captive by sin's bondage and knew of no way out.
  • Called to a higher mission
    KUWAIT -- The threatening storm paused on the horizon of the Persian Gulf, and the chaplain, barefoot in desert camouflage, seized the moment.
  • Chaplaincy Asks For Assistance In Reaching Military Personnel
    Based on the urgency of the need expressed by deployed Assemblies of God chaplains and those ministering to troops facing deployment, the A/G Chaplaincy Department has ordered 20,000 copies of "Psalm 91--The Ultimate Shield for Enduring Protection" to be immediately shipped for distribution.
  • A/G Churches Near Military Bases Support Families, Pray For Troops
    The conflict in the Middle East has evolved into war. In response, Assemblies of God churches across the nation are aiding through prayer and support programs. Many churches located near military bases have been preparing for this war and have been significantly affected by it.
  • Church pastor receives call to minister to troops
    A pastor who received his calling from God to minister to a church congregation recently received a call from the Pentagon to minister to soldiers.
    Assemblies of God Army Chaplain, Major Terry Callis, conducted Easter sunrise and Easter worship services for troops in Kuwait prior to their entry into Iraq. Over 300 military members from all branches of the service gathered to celebrate the resurrection message of joyous hope in the midst of war and separation from families.
  • Above and beyond the call of duty …
    Biggs Chapel One is packed. A din rises as the 200 worshipers traverse the chapel, gripping and grinning. Major Will Barefield, an Assemblies of God chaplain, politely works his way through the throng to the back of the chapel where two privates have stationed themselves. When he reaches them, he enthusiastically shakes their hands.
  • West Point: Four days at the United States Military Academy
    Perched high on the west bank of the Hudson River in southeast New York, north of New York City, are historic Fort Putnam and other fortifications that guarded the Hudson Valley from British attack during the Revolutionary War. Since 1802, the high ground near this site has been the home of the United States Military Academy.
  • There’s no place like home
    Only God in His sovereignty knows why some soldiers die in war and others live. But two Kansas pastors — one from an Assemblies of God church, the other a Southern Baptist — understand that God’s protection over prisoners of war is no accident; it is an answer to prayer.
  • Surprised Chaplain Encouraged To Be More
    Newly appointed Assemblies of God Chaplain Tim Maracle didn’t expect such a response to his preaching on his first official assignment in the army. From everything he had learned in Christian college, seminary and the pastorate, people — especially hardened military men — didn’t jump at the chance at hearing the gospel. He heard wrong.
  • A/G Chaplain Performs Baptisms, Sees Spiritual Awakening On Ship
    Early one morning en route to the Persian Gulf, Staff Sgt. James Reese stopped by the office of Assembly of God Chaplain, Denis Cox, who is embarked with Marines aboard the USS Carter Hall, as the vessel made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. Reese told Cox that he wanted to get right with God. The men went for a walk on deck and stopped to lean over a rail and watch the sunrise
  • West Point: Four days at the United States Military Academy
    Perched high on the west bank of the Hudson River in southeast New York, north of New York City, are historic Fort Putnam and other fortifications that guarded the Hudson Valley from British attack during the Revolutionary War. Since 1802, the high ground near this site has been the home of the United States Military Academy.
  • Ministering in the military
    Chaplain Charles Marvin directs the Chaplaincy Department of the Assemblies of God. He spoke recently with Scott Harrup, associate editor, about his ministry experiences in the Navy.
  • The gospel in uniform
    Chaplain Charles Marvin serves as ecclesiastical endorsing agent for Assemblies of God military and Veterans Affairs chaplains. He has also served as director of the Chaplaincy Department, and spent 27 years on active duty as a chaplain with the U.S. Navy
  • Chaplain ministers to troops in Iraq
    Because his grandfathers and uncles served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, Gregory B. Walker wanted to be a soldier. Ever since boyhood, he loved to dress in fatigues and imagine he was in the U.S. Army
  • Chaplains making a difference in D.C.
    Assemblies of God military chaplains have been playing a key role in the recovery efforts at the Pentagon following September 11’s terrorist attack. Chaplain Col. Cecil R. Richardson is the command chaplain for Air Combat Command out of Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Va., and has overseen the assignment of chaplains at the Pentagon
  • A chaplain’s letter
    At the landfill truckloads of stuff from ground zero are being brought in. This stuff is sifted through to look for body parts and anything else that may help the investigators. This is done by both dogs and humans.
  • A/G chaplain ministers to wounded
    The 39 U.S. sailors injured in the October 12 terrorist attack on the USS Cole had plenty of opportunity to think about eternity en route to Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Virginia. Once there, A/G Chaplain Olric Wilkins was on hand to minister to them and answer their questions.
  • Aboard the USS Cole with an Assemblies of God chaplain
    (December 10, 2000) In October, terrorists bombed the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen, killing 17 U.S. Navy sailors and injuring more than 39. Lt. Cartus Thornton, an Assemblies of God Navy chaplain, had been aboard the Cole for several weeks en route to the Persian Gulf. One week before the attack Thornton was
  • Ready In Season and Out
    He knew Smith would be attending the 8:15 a.m. Sunday service anyway, so Jordan phoned him at 7:15 a.m. to see if he could read the Scripture to the congregation. Certainly, the 30-year-old Smith replied. Jordan called back a few minutes later to see if he would also preach the sermon.
  • Faith helps soldiers handle war's agonies
    BAGHDAD, Iraq (BP)--You don't have to look very far to get a good idea of what Baghdad is like today. Bombed out, burned and looted buildings still line the neighborhoods. Thick, white chalky dust coats everything and sticks in the back of your throat and gets under your fingernails.
  • Chaplains keep the faith amid soldiers on war's front lines
    BAGHDAD, Iraq (BP)--The toughest thing Chaplain (Col.) Doug Carver has faced since arriving in Baghdad less than a year ago was seeing the dead body of a soldier he had just shaken hands with less than 30 minutes before. The sight of 18 black body bags, victims of a recent Chinook helicopter crash, being loaded onto a C-130 is still fresh in the mind of Chaplain
  • Soul Survivor: Don’t vote your spirit off the island
    This group is for those who want to OUTLOVE, OUTPRAY, OUTLIVE. There is no tribal council, and you won’t get voted off the island. But you will be taught tools to make your time on the island more productive.
  • Ministry to the U.S. Cavalry
    But a three-day October event at Fort Reno, Okla., enabled the couple to be Christ’s ambassadors to a much different crowd at the North American International Military Horse Show. Paul Scholtz, who has been the chaplain for the U.S. Cavalry Association for the past two years, was assigned to be the duty chaplain of the show – the first such event held in 67 years.
  • Chaplain candidate forgoes American Dream for vision from God
    Adrian O’Brian came to the United States eager to pursue a God-given vision to attend Bible school. But soon after arriving in the States O’Brian learned that every dream has a price – even in America.
  • Ministering in difficult places: A chaplain’s call
    More than 600 "enemy combatants" of the United States are being held by the military at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Because of intense scrutiny from the media and international community and the fact that the war on terrorism has no end in sight, life at the prison for those who serve there can be stressful — especially for chaplains since one of their own was charged with breaching security last October.
  • Early Ordination Granted to US Marine
    Tofflemire, 30, a corporal attached to the 1st Marine Corps Division, shipped out in February from Camp Pendleton in California. The 25,000-member weapons unit was activated in January. The mobilization will last at least through September, and possibly into January 2005. He had joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in 1998.
  • Fuel Point Ministry
    I just finished praying for God to use me for His business on our camp. But now I was running late. I looked at my watch and remembered all the things I had to do before lunch. Normally I walked around camp, but I was behind schedule so I got in my vehicle to drive around. I didn’t need gas in the vehicle.
  • Chaplain comforts endangered flock
    FORT BRAGG -- Capt. Eddie Cook's Humvee left his Baghdad base one late-summer morning when a roadside bomb exploded a mile away. A minute later, another one exploded, and Cook's driver wheeled the truck back inside the compound. Word filtered back to U.S. occupation leaders that the insurgents had promised to make the day a bad one, and U.S. commanders halted travel in Baghdad.
  • An Experience with Alzheimer’s
    Having sat down, I unwrapped my breakfast and was reaching into my briefcase when I received a stinging blow to the back of my head. Before I could look up to get a view of my offender, a loud voice in a commanding tone said, "Mother, stop that right now! Why did you do that?"
  • A Knotted Ball of Yarn
    It was a typical day. There was entirely too much to do. I had two more spiritual assessments to do and a class on ethical consideration to teach. On top of that, I had an entire docket of visitations to finish. As I said, a typical day. As I stepped out of the elevator and started down the hall, a little voice touched my ear.
  • Chaplain unlocks prison doors
    Chaplain Swank, who works as a correctional chaplain in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, knows this is true because he has seen God change numerous lives through the years. One of those people is a man named Ken who had an insatiable desire to learn about the Lord. After receiving Christ, he started a Bible study with other inmates. Since he still had a year and a half behind bars, he asked Chaplain Swank to help him get into a ministerial course.
  • Donated gifts make holidays brighter
    The items, which include new clothes, jewelry and other age-appropriate gifts, are donated to the state jail by Fairbanks-area churches and residents. The jail houses more than 200 male and female inmates who are awaiting trial. Assemblies of God Administrative Chaplain Bob Stephens continues the program begun 19 years ago by a former chaplain.
  • Through Key Bearers, you can give hope to men and women behind bars.
    We are directed by the Savior to visit those in prison. He said in Matthew 25:36, "I was in prison and you came to visit me." When asked, "When did we see you ... in prison?" Jesus replied, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (See verses 39,40, NIV.)
  • Souls set free
    I walk through a metal detector and sign in at the main gate. An officer takes my driver’s license in exchange for a visitor’s pass that I quickly clip to my belt. My guide today, Brian O’Connell, a functional unit manager here at the Ozark Correctional Center
  • Freedom behind bars
    Everyone who enters and exits goes through "the room." For some, the room means life behind bars; for others, freedom. Alex Velazquez Jr. walked into prison — and unimaginable freedom.
  • Transformation
    By Tom Stevens sat on the edge of the bed in his cell in the Norfolk County (Mass.) Jail, staring at the gray granite walls. The year was 1977. He was facing a stiff prison sentence for armed robbery and assault to commit murder and was angry and confused. "The anger was like a piece of steel sitting in my gut," he says.
  • Warden speaks about unconditional love
    Tony Lamarque is warden of Salinas Valley State Prison in Monterey County, Calif., a super-maximum facility employing 1,286 personnel, housing 4,200 inmates and operating on a $111 million annual budget. Salinas Valley provides long-term housing and services for minimum and maximum custody male inmates.
  • Death row
    Moore’s tenure on the state’s death row since June 1980 is involuntary. Nearly two dozen others have come and gone. A few died awaiting their final fate. Some had sentences commuted to life in prison. Others have been released because new evidence raised doubts about their guilt. Three have been executed.
  • A/G chaplain ministers to women in maximum-security prison
    Visitors are rare in the segregated maximum-security section of the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. Family and friends are prohibited from visiting. Except for Assemblies of God Chaplain Pamela Moore, two other chaplains at the institution and support staff, few others are allowed in the secure unit.
  • Ministry to the fourth world
    Alvin Worthley has been a prison chaplain at institutions across the United States, and most recently was assistant chaplaincy administrator for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., before becoming correctional ministries representative at the Assemblies of God Headquarters in Springfield, Mo. Worthley spoke recently with Joel Kilpatrick, an associate editor of the Pentecostal Evangel.
  • The Greatest Treasure of All
    While most people their age are enjoying their "golden years", Chaplain Swank and his wife, Betty, are ever-busy in ministry to prisoners. This would seem a dangerous undertaking to most, but it doesn’t phase these two, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June of 2004.
  • Prison filled with Holy Spirit
    For years, Chaplain David Walker prayed daily for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the lives of the prisoners at the Wabash Correctional Facility, Indianapolis, Ind. He was fervent in his prayers until one day God specifically put it on his heart to speak to the prisoners on August 24, 2003. Originally, Walker
  • Out of the Blue
    Inmate John Smith* was admitted to Neuse Correctional Institution, Goldsboro, NC, a minimum custody unit on September 21, 1998 for being convicted of DWI and possession of marijuana. At 26 years of age, he committed his life to Jesus Christ and faithfully attended chapel services until his release January 22, 1999. Upon his release, he attended a local church and one of our volunteers, Bill Mulligen, took
  • Chaplain gains credibility
    In 1971, Joe Lenna served an 11-month sentence in the North Carolina prison system for dealing and possession of narcotics. He had just returned from a Vietnam tour of duty and moved to the Tar Heel State from Brooklyn, N.Y. Today, Lenna is as familiar with the prison system as anybody.
  • Forgiveness and restoration
    Chaplain Alex Taylor serves as chaplaincy service administrator for the Florida Department of Corrections. He oversees 102 chaplains working at 52 major institutions, 28 camps and 25 work release centers among some 80,000 inmates. Taylor spoke recently with Scott Harrup, associate editor.
  • Bike Blessing the Gospel On Wheels
    Sunday, April 28, was cold. It was cold enough for a semi-heavy jacket for the spectators while they watched motorcyclists ride to First Assembly of God in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Luckily the riders, who were prepared for the cold in their heavy leather chaps and jackets,
  • A Biker's Life: six days in Sturgis

    Rows of choppers, cruisers and custom motorcycles line the streets in downtown Sturgis, S.D. The near-deafening rumble of these motorized works of art reverberates as hundreds of riders cruise by on display. The sidewalks are no

  • Chaplain's Toughest Assignment
  • Ministering in the fast lane
    The grandstands at Dover Downs International Speedway in Delaware are packed with nearly 145,000 anxious fans waiting for the MBNA 400 NASCAR race to begin. Minutes before the green flag drops and the 36 competitors maneuver into the starting grid, Dan Schafer, pastor of Calvary A/G in Hightstown
  • Dirt floors and horses: Welcome to Cowboy Church
    Weaver planned to be a professional calf roper, but at age 16 he felt the Lord calling him to ministry. Weaver resisted, telling God he would make a fine deacon, but full-time preaching really didn’t appeal to him. However, he promised
  • Chaplain’s value becomes evident in workplace
    During his 35 years as an employee at the Ford Motor Company plant in Lima, Ohio, G. Michael Collingsworth served all lay leadership positions in his local congregation — except Women’s Ministries president.

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