Chaplaincy endorsement opens ministry opportunities outside the church.

I am a chaplain.

A chaplaincy ministry is the invitation to pastor a group of people outside church walls. Like Jesus’ ministry in houses and streets and hillsides, you will be shoulder to shoulder with people in the moments they need His hope and truth.

As a Military chaplain, you are the hands opening a Bible and pointing to the freedom you’ve found in Jesus. Correctional chaplains are the voice removing labels and sharing the truth about the God who sees and treasures us. Healthcare and Police/Fire chaplains shine hope into lives filled with fear. And the list doesn’t end there.

Where does your heart yearn to go? What people do you love to serve?

Is He calling you to the patch of sidewalk next to a homeless man, a skateboard park for students looking to belong, a break room filled with accountants? You are a chaplain. Your church is waiting. Find the steps to reaching them right here.


Spirit-empowered service to people at their point of need.





We envision a multi-disciplined, Spirit empowered, professionally trained chaplain team collaborating with a network of community partners and churches to bring the transforming power of Christ by meeting the unique human needs demonstrated locally, nationally and globally.


Spirit empowered leadership
Engaging Culture with presence & hope
Resourcing and Strategic Partnerships
Valuing diversity and creativity
Investing in the future of chaplaincy
Caring for the care givers
Excellence in preparation and delivery

If you are looking to impact this world in ways you never thought possible, we’re ready to help.