Chaplaincy endorsement opens ministry opportunities outside the church.

» Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Ecclesiastical endorsement is the written acknowledgement by a faith group/denomination that an individual is in good standing and meets the qualifications for clergy credentials with their faith group/denomination. Generally speaking, major institutions, federal/state correctional systems, and healthcare facilities require that chaplains and pastoral counselors have the endorsement of their respective faith group/denomination.

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» Missionary Chaplains

Traditionally, chaplains are employees hired to minister to people in a unique institution or organization outside the church. The most common settings are corrections, healthcare, emergency services, and military. However, many chaplains are called to ministry outside these areas.Many answer the call by becoming a missionary chaplain to the people God has laid on their heart. Find out about these incredible chaplains and their ministries by downloading our NEW Missionary Chaplains Guide!

» Brochures, Coins, Wallet Cards, and More!

Whether you need to hand out information on becoming a chaplain, want to give a vet you meet at the gas station a "Military Survival Kit," or you want to thank a law enforcement officer or firefighter with an appreciation coin, we have got what you need.


Maybe you are going to visit the sick in the hospital and wonder what the unspoken rules are? Check out the Do's and Don'ts of Hospital Visits wallet card. That's right – everything you need to know on a card that fits in your wallet!


This isn't even an exhaustive list! From visiting a prison to loaning a pen with the plan of salvation, from something for you to help you minister or something to give away to remind the recipient of God's love, we have got you covered. Don't miss your next opportunity!

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» Job Postings

While Chaplaincy Ministries does not provide job placement, we are happy to share employment opportunities of which we are made aware. Click on the following link to see open chaplaincy positions that have been shared with us:

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